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e-mail from Los Angels

T.V. news is very devastating and very sad too. I really feel for all the people in Japan and am praying in church and at home for God to protect all the people and guide them wherever they maybe and to take care of the elderly, young, children and all of the people there. Here in California everyone is giving monies in whatever relief efforts is being raised to send monies to the Japan Red Cross. Also Riverside here in California is the Sister State for Japan and that is very good sign. It is there 10th anniversary this year and the Mayor of that County and all the people that lives there is taking up a big collection to send to their Sister Country which is Japan. I feel very good about that. Also Little
Toyko in Los Angeles is also taking up money collection for the people of Japan, even all of the T.V. stations here in California is doing the same, so you can see everyone is really concern for the well fare of Japan. This is the biggest disaster in the history of the world as was reported by all of our T.V. news here in the United States. I really feel looking at the elderly how they are suffering, scared and crying and the no food, water and the cold too. This is so sad to see and of course, no house to go to because of the Tsunami. I will say prayers everyday to help our Japanese people.


It's a small world.

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